Hi, I'm Greyland

-I build custom websites-

I've been writing and developing software professionally for around 6 years now. I have made software that helps people manage their business, software that helps people manage their money, and software that helps people manage their time. I love building software that helps people.

What I bring to the table is not just my technical skills, but also my experience. I have seen many applications and projects through to completion. I have worked with many different technologies and have a good idea of what works and what doesn't.

My Picture


  • JavaScript / Python / C++
  • Django / Celery
  • React.js / Next.js
  • Node.js / Express.js
  • MongoDB / Mongoose
  • Ngrok / Webhooks
  • Rest API's
  • GraphQL API's

Although my abilities do not stop at the skills listed here, these are my most prefered langues, libraries, tools to use in my projects. I would consider myself an expert in these technologies, and I am always looking to learn more. I am a fast learner and can pick up new technologies quickly. All of my public projects are built using these technologies. I encourage you to check them out if you havent already.